Skydive Seven Algarve Dropzone Facilities

Skydive Seven has all the facilities to support the skydiving operation and to give you the best skydive experience, whether on holiday fun jumping, here to take an Learn Skydive – AFF course, experience a Tandem Skydive, participate in team training or take part in one of Skydive Seven event.

Large landing area – Pilatus Portes Turbine Aircraft – Near Faro International Airport – Good Weather
Mock-up – Packing Room – Creepers – Debriefing Rooms.

Skydive Seven Algarve USPA Rating Courses
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Federação Portuguesa de Paraquedismo


Huge padded packing area in the hangar. We have team of packers available to offer you the bliss of not packing. All pack jobs are to be bought in the DZ Manifest.


Secure kit store for all centre equipment; tandem rigs, student rigs, hire rigs. We have rental rigs available. Should you require to hire an altimeter you will be charged a daily fee.


Our shop is stocked with the ancillary skydiving equipment and also T-shirts and all Skydive Seven merchandising.


We offer a free WIFI Internet connection for our skydivers and visitors to make your stay even more comfortable and convenient.


We have large flat screen TVs ideal for watching your previous jump with friends and a dedicated de-briefing area for external schools or coached jumps.


We offer a multi language office and manifest crew. There are visible departure viewer monitor in the hangar for everybody to check their load.

Skydive Seven is a skydiving brand from Sevenair Group, the largest general aviation group in Portugal with over 30 years of aeronautical experience.

From Portimão, a public Algarve airfield, we share skydive with an amazing landscape, and with huge landing area (46 ha.).

Whether you’re looking for the best skydiving tandem experience, learn skydive or bring your skydive fun jump group.

Nearby Faro International airport, we are 100% available for partnerships with skydiving schools around the world. 

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Large Hangar

Clean Hangar

Inside Hangar Toilets

Team Rooms

Wifi Free

Video Editing

Rigger Loft

Free Car Park

Screen TV’s

Atlantic Sea Views

Front Office

Coastal Location

Rent and Shop

Freefly Coach

USPA Dropzone

USPA Rating Courses

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