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Mumbai to Algarve Best Tandem Skydiving Travel Experience

Mumbai to Skydiving and travel to Algarve best Adventure

Algarve is a beautiful exotic beach destination situated in Portugal for honeymooners and families traveling from India. Your lifetime experience in Portugal – Algarve Skydive Seven is located in south of Portugal, Algarve. Making the Happiness Tandem Skydiving Algarve Experiences with the best world prices, from €149 at 10,000 feet and €199 at 15,000 feet. […]

Why You Should Go Skydiving At Least Once In Your Lifetime

I promise, you’re not going to regret it I know- for a lot of people, the idea of skydiving doesn’t seem like one of the most appealing of situations out there. I mean, after-all, you are jumping out of a plane, and with all other details aside, the most a person can really do in […]

Skydive Seven rebranding at Algarve

Skydive Seven Algarve Portugal

During the last 8 months, Sevenair, the largest general aviation group in Portugal with over 30 years of aeronautical experience, developed a structured program to update the main brands, and of course Skydive Seven have full new image, inside and outside. Skydive Seven is today closer to national and international clients, the new line of […]

LAND @ SKY Experience – Sidecar & Skydiving Jump

The adventure begins on Land, with a unique and unforgettable classic sidecar motorcycle ride in the stunning city of Portimão, Praia da Rocha, Alvor and surroundings, with so many secrets and natural beauties to discover. Then from Portimão Aerodrome is time to let the adrenaline rise! Securely harnessed to your qualified tandem skydiving instructor you […]

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