Learn Skydive Tip #3 — Main Canopy Check

skydive seven main canopy check

Main Canopy

The main parachute is stowed in the lower con­tainer and is attached to the harness by a 3-ring release sys­tem at the jumper’s shoulders. Reserve Canopy -The reserve parachute is stowed in the upper container and stays attached to the harness.

This is your primary canopy, deployed by your pilot chute. It consists of nine cells, which are open at the front (the nose) and taper to a close at the rear (the tail). It is known as a ram-air canopy because air gets rammed through the open cells at the front. It has droopy sides (stabilizers) on either side which act like the fin on a surfboard, or a keel on a yacht. You steer the main parachute by pulling down on the steering handle (toggle) of the direction you want to go. The toggles are connected to your brakelines which are connected to the back corners of the parachute. You can slow your descent rate (flare) by pulling both the toggles evenly all the way down. You must do this when you land the parachute.

Canopy procedures

Learn the following eight things to check your canopy on AFF course! Three to do with the big colored bit above your head! Three to do with the lines (the middle bit)!

Is the canopy…


All cells inflated

No rips or tears

No broken lines

No twisted lines

The slider is down

The parachute is steerable

Parachute is flying straight

In other words, the canopy should be rectangular and all the cells inflated, without any line twists and the lines should be clear. The slider should be position on the end of the lines, on top of the risers. You have do perform two “flares” with both toggles, pulling all the way down to check if the canopy will fly straight forward and stable when both toggles are completely up. Turns right when the right toggle is pulled. Turns left when the left toggle is pulled.

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