Skydive Seven: Algarve – One Flight, One Tree.

Skydive Seven Um Voo Uma Arvore

Starting in 2020 Skydive Seven has started a social and environmental responsibility initiative, with a program that we call: One Flight – One Tree, offering to nature a tree for every flight made in our dropzone at Portimão – Algarve.

At Skydive Seven we have a true passion for flying and making people happy. We do this with an exceptional, unforgettable, experience that only skydiving provides. Nevertheless, we are aware that this activity emits a considerable amount of CO2 through burning aviation fuel. Our happiness, and that of others, should not come at a cost to the environment.

Being one of the most recognized skydiving centers in Portugal, we developed the aspiration that our ethical responsibility shall meet our leading safety standards. We simply love and respect nature, after all nature provides us with our fun. We are aware that our activity has a considerable carbon emission, we emit between 310 and 420 tons of CO2 per year. Due to these emissions we decided to make a commitment to offset our carbon footprint.

Since 2017, we have been implementing systems that aim to bring us closer to the ecological goal of a minimal carbon footprint. The recycling of materials, the change of procedures in energy management were the first steps. However, in 2018 after the large fires in Monchique (the largest in Europe that year) we pursued the idea of ​​contributing to the reforestation of this area. It has taken two years to bring the project to reality whilst also looking for institutional partners that guarantee its success.

2020 will be the year that Skydive Seven will have its first reforestation program, using a choice of certified forest plants and shrubs that will grow in harmony with the biodiversity of the area to be planted. Skydive Seven is a sustainable and socially responsible brand, corporate social responsibility activities help to create a better world and have always been at the heart of Skydive Seven’s management philosophy. This year all flights performed will give rise to a new tree.

What does the “One flight, one tree” project consist of?

The first reforestation action will start in the first quarter of 2021 in Monchique mountain, with the participation of some public figures, clients, skydiving athletes and Skydive Seven STAFF, the aim will be to reforest a number of the trees in an area that had been devastated by fires in previous years.

In order to be able to involve our customers in this symbolic offer, the project is aimed at “one flight – one tree”, we have planned that in 2025 that Skydive Seven will be responsible for planting 20,000 new trees in the Algarve mountains.

We will use the list of areas in need of trees provided, and previously selected, by the partner entities of this project. In this list of needs, only areas under the management of public entities, community / public areas or wastelands, which have recently been affected by forest fires or with a clear need for forest or environmental recovery.

Symbolic planting actions are carried out in all Skydive Seven tree offers with help of clients, schools or other public entities. However only a few hundred are planted in these actions, the larger total of planted trees is the responsibility of the recipient of the trees.

Project “One flight, one tree” will therefore be part of Skydive Seven’s social responsibility, a long-term commitment, with a proactive action in the environmental field of which we all have a responsibility for.

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