Parachute Packing Course – Skydive Seven Algarve

curso de dobragem do paraquedas

The packing course begins with the understanding of the different components of the main canopy and the harness container and their role. This is one of the basic tasks for the ‘A’ parachute license, it is essential to know everything about the equipment you take with you in free fall. Learning to pack your sports parachute is an essential skill.

The time taken to qualify for an packing certificate is very flexible and will be by arrangement between candidates and packing instructor, followed by an examination and subsequent qualification for each system that a test has been taken on.


Introduction to Equipment

Summary description about the equipment and its construction, components, functions of all parts of the equipment such as Handles, RSL, AAD, etc. How the reserve canopy works, examples of emergencies and how to solve them!

Presentation of the Main Canopy

We hang the canopy and go through the various parts of the canopy and construction. Top skin, bottom skin, cells, load bearing and non load bearing ribs and line configuration.

Next we talk about our risers and the 3 Ring system, construction and function.

We go through risers and toggle inputs. We the teach how to set up the 3 ring system and how to fix line twists and stepovers. Once this is complete we lower the canopy and train the line twists and stepthrough.

The Propack

We now star to learn how to pack. First a propack is shown slowly and then the student starts to practice. This is done in 3 fases. First he will learn the propack in until he is comfortable with it. Next he will learn to place the canopy into the bag. In this fase he learns about the pilot chute and how it works. Collapsing and uncollapsing the pilot chute. Once he is comfortable with placing the canopy in the bag he re does from the beginning.

Propack and placing in the bag

Next he learns the line stowes, how and why we do line stowes. Once he is comfortable with line stowes he re does every thing from the beginning until he reaches the container. We now teach the placing the bag in the container and the importance of the closing loop.

The Closing Loop

We teach how to identified a worn loop and how to change it. Next we close the container. Once student is comfortable with closing the container he restart from the beginning. If possible the student will jump his last pack job the next day. In each of the steps we teach what we are doing and why and how certain emergencies can arrive.

Note that no one will be jumping the parachutes that you have packed, unless your course has been completed, passed and signed.





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