Skydive Algarve and Skydive Seven Temporary Close

Skydive Algarve and Skydive Seven Close

Dear Skydiving Community,

As you maybe aware the COVID-19 virus has finally reached Portugal and more specifically Algarve. As you can imagine the arrival of this has already put huge amounts of pressure on government and local councils to act in a swift and decisive manner to minimize the spread.

Portugals main industry is tourism and Algarve can little afford to loose this critical source of income for the country. As such preventative measures such as closing schools, large gatherings and public spaces in already in force. The local council of Portimao has ordered the closure of the Municipal Airport till the end of March as one of these measures.

Together with our valued neighbors, Skydive Algarve, we fully respect this decision and both companies will cease operations TODAY until the end of March.

One thing that must be made very clear is that there are NO CASES of COVID-19 from any skydivers on the drop zone. However, what we do need to do during this time is fully support our local communities and the wider community of Portugal. The hospitals are already feeling the increased pressure. They need to be at a state of readiness and during this time can ill afford to be dealing with injuries from skydivers. Skydive Seven and Skydive Algarve both feel we should respect our health services and let them deal with the more immediate matters.

This is a challenging times for all worldwide communities. We owe it to all to be respectful of government decisions and take an ethical and highly moral role within these communities. Skydive Seven and Skydive Algarve both wish for this to be over swiftly to resume our wonderful sport.

We shall return and we shall beat this with the on-going, simply incredible, support of all our patrons.

We are all in the same “plane” now!
Blue skies and see you very soon.

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