Learn Skydive Tip #1 What is the The Holding Area?

The Holding Area #2

After completing the canopy checklist, fly your parachute to the holding area. This is an ideal moment to learn characteristics of your canopy. If you stay, in the holding area, you will be in position to fly a landing pattern safely to the target area. Wind line -This imaginary line runs from the desired exit or opening point through the center of the target. If you are flying along this line, you should be able to reach the target without crabbing. Opening point -This is your position over the ground once the parachute is open. The desired opening point is on the wind line. Holding area -The holding area is upwind of the target on the wind line between the desired opening point and the target. The location of the holding area is determined by the direction and strength of the wind. Think of the holding area as a cone: at higher altitudes, it is bigger and farther away from the landing area. As you descend, your holding area becomes smaller and closer to the target so that you are just at the edge of the landing area in time to begin your landing pattern. While in the holding area you must continually monitor your altitude and your position over the ground so that you will be at the entrance point of the landing pattern by 1,000 feet. You must also watch for and avoid other parachutes. Check the wind indicators in the landing area to confirm the pre-planned landing pattern. Make adjustments to that plan as needed. This text is part of the learning documents and figures of the AFF (Freefall) skydiving course at Skydive Seven. nunop8.sg-host.com @SkydiveSeven WhatsApp Booking and support +351 936 124 604 MSN www.m.me/skydiveseven
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