Skydive with a friend: one of the best therapies in the world!

Saltar com um amigo: uma das melhores terapias do mundo!
We are social beings, and there is no one who can maintain a minimum of balance without having at least one person with whom to share extraordinary moments and amusements, such as a trip, a special dinner or a beer, as a way of avoidance or distraction, for brief moments daily stress and daily life.
It is increasingly difficult to get free time during the day. Everything is to run, urgent, we do not have time to enjoy a hobbie, a friendship, to do absolutely nothing, just rest. More work is done, service accumulates, while human relationships are emptied more and more.
No one can stand, for long, spending hours at 100% busy and committed to responsibilities that do not bring some peace and personal satisfaction.
As much as you enjoy working, your body and mind need to be avoided, for a special break that can remove this constant weight.
There is nothing better than having a true friend so you can share the moments of avoidance!
And nothing better than a true friend to help that life become less dense and heavy.
Laugh with truth, challenge, remember special moments, mess with all emotions! All this alleviates the overwhelming burden that everyday life forces us to face.
Friends should not only serve to comfort and listen to problems, these are great companies for the most challenging occasions or even for those where there is nothing serious, just talk.
Friends are the ones who help us in the most difficult times, but also those who carry the soul of dreams, and give us that “strength you can” when we are at the door of a plane to a skydiving jump.
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