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Skydive from 15,000ft
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What is Learn Skydive AFF Course?

For those that wish to becoming a skydiver, the Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) learn skydive course is the best learning option, course for you. Is the one-a-one training to becoming a solo jumper skydiver.
The programme is termed as Accelerated because the learning process is three to five times faster than alternative and old training systems (like RAPS – static line).
Our AFF instructors accompany you in free fall and provide direct tuition during each 60 second skydive, giving you both time and help to gain confidence and overcome any fears.
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AFF Level 1 objectives?

During this course the student will receive all the required information in order to perform a successful AFF Level 1 jump. All the instruction and training of this course was designed in a way that the student reaches 3 basic goals:

  • Perform freefall and controlled opening;
  • Control the descent under a canopy;
  • Land smoothly within a pre planned area.
  • Get ready for the AFF Level 2

Learn Skydive AFF Ground Training

  • Introduction to the Sport
  • Aircraft Procedures
  • The Skydive Equipment
  • Body Stability in Freefall
  • The Golden rules of Skydiving
  • Deployment Procedures
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Canopy Procedures
  • Landing Pattern
  • Stage one (Tandem AFF*)
  • Stage one (Solo Jumps)
  • Exiting the Aircraft
  • Canopy Flight
  • Malfunctions
  • Priorities of Every Skydive

How long does it take?

After the full day classroom of AFF theory, you can typically complete the Level 1 on the same day. The AFF training is personalised and our instructors will take the progression decisions.

After the jump, a debrief takes place with your instructors, followed by additional training to improve skills learned already and add those required for the next jump.


  • Skydive Seven have the highest standards in skydive safety;
  • Our airfield location, in Algarve. Portimão is at sea level, the view, the bars, the beach, the hotels.
  • Professional instructors that ensuring you the most safety and fun experience ;
  • We always skydives are from 15,000ft, giving you an extra time in freefall;

When can I start learn skydive?

We do AFF Courses whenever you want. We have professional team always available. Skydive Seven is open every day, just contact us for booking. You should make the appointment a few days in advance, there are some formal procedures to deal with, such as: Accommodation; Sports Medical Form; Mandatory Sport Insurance in the Portuguese Parachuting Federation, etc.


Todos os alunos recebem uma licença de saltos, que permite evoluir e saltar em qualquer zona do mundo!

I have 16 years old, can I do the AFF?

Yes you can, the minimum age is 16y. You just need to fill the form for Parental Authorization for Minors. Ask us!