Wingsuit First Flight Course

The course is aimed at experienced skydivers who are willing to learn and evaluate their performance on each jump. They must be calm, level headed and definitely be able to work closely with an experienced coach. The Algarve not only provides one of the most visually stunning locations in Europe, it also has the added benefit of using a Pilatus Porter. This aircraft runs in very slow and as such the exit is calm and easy.

The magic number to start wingsuit flight is 200 jumps but this is only a number. As a skydiver you should be fully aware of your ability in the sky. Some people maybe ready at 150 jumps and some not be ready at 500. The wingsuit flight is an added complication and when not used correctly can be a seriously dangerous situation. If you can deal with situations in a calm, precise and effective manner it is a good step in the right direction. If you feel you are not there yet maybe carry on with some more skydives to get yourself in a better position both physically and mentally. 

Equipment Choice

Small Wingsuit – We have the Baza Team Wingsuits which are ideal. It should fit well and be able to be tensioned with your feet. 

Canopy – Ideally a large 7-cell canopy such a Spectre, Storm or Epicine are ideal. 9-Cell canopies work fine with the smaller suits but much be a good size. Smaller canopies, especially elliptical ones are not suitable.

Container – Must be fully ready to jump with an in date reserve. You should be extremely comfortable with your pull.

Bridle Length – You should have a LONG BRIDLE, between 8-9ft with a good sized pilot chute.

Accessories – Audible altimeter, easy to read altimeter (preferably not wrist mounted), helmet, goggles and gloves.

We have hire kit including rigs, accessories and winsguits for all our students.

The Course

Part 1: Equipment familiarization – We evaluate and discuss the equipment we will be using to conduct the first flight course. This even includes a full evaluation of your rig no matter how long you have had it. 

Part 2: The wingsuit – We look at how the wingsuit works, how it inflates and how it flys. We then connect the suit to the rig and look at all the extra potential hazards and how to mitigate any risks.

Part 3: The flight plan – We plan a safe an effective first flight. We look at where, how and what we shall be doing during the flight and how to deploy safely at the end of the flight. We shall practice emergency procedures and how to overcome other factors that can be introduced by using a wingsuit.

Part 4: Mock up – We practice the exit, the flight and the deployment all on the ground. We factor in emergencies, nuisance factors and also wingsuit specific issues.

Part 5: The flight – Time to spread your wings for the very first time. We put all what you have learnt into practice and you will complete your very first wingsuit flight above the Algarve from the Porter, the perfect wingsuit aircraft due to its super low run in speed.

Part 6: Evaluation and debrief – We will debrief the whole flight from kitting up to arriving back at the packing shed. You will self evaluate and then you will be evaluated by your coach. We set targets for the next jump and get ready to fly again.

Extra Information

Accommodation can be arranged very close to the dropzone, we can arrange for airport transfers from Lisbon or Faro at especially good rates. Food can be provided from our partner catering company. All in all we can make this a stress free experience to enjoy your very first wingsuit flights with Skydive Seven – Enjoy the Sky.

We suggest book for a two day course. Day one will be theory and your first jump(s). Day two will be evaluation jumps and learning new techniques so you feel confident to safely prepare and fly at other dropzones. The dropzone is open all year round with summer time perfect for amazing sunshine, heat and that amazing Algarve vibe. Winter time is cooler but the dropzone is simply alive with skydivers who flock down from northern Europe to “Enjoy the Sky” in the winter sunshine where we can jump almost every single day.

Simon Huntridge
Wingsuit Coach

First skydive in 1994, with +850 skydives.

Tandem instructor. Skydive and wingsuit coach. Wingsuit athlete for 4 years. Flown a range of suits from small to huge. Taken part in large flock wingsuit events. Qualified teacher with 20 year education background.

WS.1 Course
One-to-One Coach
1 Coach Jump
Wingsuit Hire
Slots at 15.000ft
WS.P Course
One-to-One Coach
6 Coach Jumps
6 Solo Jumps
Wingsuit Hire
Slots at 15.000ft
€80 Discount if you have the WS.1 Course
One-on-One Coached
Video Coach Briefing
Excluded Jump Slot Tickets, from €25 to €28
Excluded Wingsuit Hire, €10