Working from Drop Zone?

Why you have to STOP working on a skydiving day? Only you need is a our FREE WIFI and a great job 🙂

Drop Zone Internet is more important than ever—with a steadily increasing number of people working from their skydiving hobby. With Internet Service Providers increasing their Wifi broadband speeds, working from DZ with a powerful office internet connection is more practical than ever before.

Top three things we get off the ground: a cool designated space to work, Free Wifi and a simple and fast way to login.

The Skydive Seven checkin shop or Skydiving Center have installed free wi-fi access for all customers to use. Spectators, fun jumpers or visits can use iPads and smartphones to browse the internet as they wait or work.

This also enables customers quick and easy access to social media to share their jumping experiences with the boos, friends and family around the world – instantly. Enjoy the Sky from Skydive Seven Portugal.

Inspired by Novikova Elena Facebook Post #супергерои⚡️ @m1ssolga @yakushevskaya

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